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Floral Wreath 1

I am Avery Gray, and I am 10 years old. In preschool, I had Ms. Dieneke as a teacher. She was super kind and caring, and she always picked us up when we fell then made us feel better. One thing I enjoyed doing with Ms. Dieneke was making different, unique crafts. Once, we had a balloon and we covered it in pieces of newspaper that had been dipped in glue. Then, we popped the balloon and had an awesome decoration for the classroom. Ms. Dieneke was a great teacher and I think her school will be ​fantastic​!

Former Student


Autumn Wreath

Ms. Dieneke is a bright light to children. From the moment we first saw her interact with our children, we knew they would be happy at her school. She speaks to them on their level with respect, as if she can still see the childhood magic we all lose as we grow into adulthood. She has the ability to open up to children the simple miracles that surround us in nature, in the kitchen, and in stories. Ms. Dieneke is truly called to teach children, and we were grateful to have her teach ours.

Former Parent


Floral Wreath 7

My name is Campbell and I am an eighth grader currently attending The Williams School. When I was 4 years old I attended Ms. Dieneke’s nursery school. I remember her very fondly because she is a very kind individual. She taught us to respect nature and to share with our peers. With her patience, understanding and other admiral traits I believe she is the perfect person to nurture and teach young children.

Former Student


Floral Wreath 2

Dieneke Andrus is by far one of the most kind giving people i’ve met in my lifetime. Having her as my first teacher back when i was a 3 year old girl had the most positive lasting impact on me. I was a very anxious child and struggled being around adults who weren’t my parents, but Dieneke always created an environment where i felt comfortable and safe. I have a vivid memory of a student bringing in cookies for the class, but she was one short. That one person ended up being me which caused my three year old self a lot of distress. Dieneke then invited me to come have cake with her and the other teachers. I idolized Dieneke and the simple act of her inviting me to have cake with the teachers made me feel so accepted. This scenario perfectly mirrors how i often felt detached from my classmates and how Dieneke was always able to make me feel like i was part of something. As someone who struggled with functioning “normally” as a child, she never made me feel weird, instead she made me feel important. Her classroom was an environment filled with love, acceptance and all things positive. I can’t think of a more qualified person to be molding the minds of our next generation. 

Former Student


Plant Wreath 6

Ms. Dieneke was a very special person in our lives when we were little.  She loved all of the children in her classroom and she loved Mother Nature.  In fact, she reminded us of Mother Nature!  She was very nice, patient and loved to sing!  She taught us to be kind to our friends, ourselves, and our planet.  We learned many lessons from Ms. Dieneke that we will always treasure.  We loved having her as our teacher and she will always be a part of our lives. 

Former Family

The Jordan's

Floral Wreath 6

When I met Miss Dieneke, 8 years ago, little did I know my life would change. At that time, I was looking around for a nursery school for my daughter Elizabeth. I visited a few options in the area, but knew I wanted Elizabeth at the school where Miss Dieneke was the head teacher. I had heard, from other parents, just how amazing she was with children. Upon first meeting her, I knew right away all the recommendations were correct. She has a welcoming, calming, happy disposition that you just want for your child. I knew I wanted to stay in her classroom and that it would be perfect fit for my daughter!!!!

Fast forward 6 more years and two more daughters later, I was so fortunate to have Miss Dieneke teach all three of my daughters. Every day that I dropped my daughters off with Miss Dieneke, I knew they were going to be cared for, safe, nurtured and loved as if they were her own. I always felt that I was dropping my daughters off at a home away from home. 

Miss Dieneke taught my daughters how to be kind, to love going outside, to enjoy books, art, and nature. She has all the qualities you would want for your child’s teacher. What I didn’t realize until recently, it that Miss Dieneke actually taught me the most important lessons about raising children. She inspired me to continue her teachings in my home. We love to garden, read lots of books, do artwork, appreciate nature, and just to play in the mud puddles whenever possible!! 

Former Parent